Chatham Glyn Fabrics

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Chatham Glyn Fabrics

Wholesale Textiles are the appointed distributor of Chatham Glyn Fabrics.

Chatham Glyn Fabrics Ltd is a well-established company that has thrived since 1980 by revitalising curtains and soft furnishings. The company has gained renown as a prominent brand in the home furnishings sector. Its mission is to consistently create luxurious collections that exemplify exceptional quality, inspiring glamour and creativity for an ever-growing customer base in a highly competitive market.

Some of the products we supply to clients from Chatham Glyn Fabrics include:

- Harvington Collection

- Artisan Collection

- Zig Zag Designs

- Geometrics Designs

For more information on Chatham Glyn Fabrics, please get in touch with our offices today.

Chatham Glyn Fabrics FAQ

  • Do you ship Chatham Glyn Fabrics to clients all over Ireland?

    Yes, we ship this range of fabrics to customers all over Ireland.

  • How do I place a Chatham Glyn Fabrics order?

    We make placing an order easy. Please call our offices, and we’ll discuss the ordering process.